Monday, August 5, 2013

Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting Some More

I've posted about the topic of waiting several times in the past. If you've ever noticed my "topic cloud" on the right side of this blog page, the topics I've written about most often appear much larger than others. The subject of waiting is not in the top five, but it's definitely been visited a lot on this blog. And, if you're curious about those other posts, here's a link to them: Waiting.

I've been trying to think of something to write about for the past few days. I've listened to some great sermons, read some very interesting devotionals and blogs. However, the thing that is uppermost in my mind is this topic of waiting. As a matter of fact, I went back to a book that I read last year on this topic. It's called Waiting On God by Cherie Hill. I've marked it up quite a bit and went back to read the highlighted portions. I was in need of some encouragement and it helped. (There's a link here directly to the book if you're curious about it.)

Then today I was checking Twitter during my lunch hour and saw a tweet from a fellow writer that really got my attention. It was "I'm Tired of Being Single." Dun-dun-dun!!! GASP! That's exactly why I was tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for a mate. Tired of being alone. Just tired of it all--plain and simple. [I included a link above if you'd like to read his article.]  That article pretty much sums up my feelings.

I'm a very patient person. Seriously! Once I got out of my teen years, I managed to live and wait three decades for a mate. THREE DECADES! And I'm still waiting as I enter decade #FOUR.

Now, before you think I'm just ranting and raving like a lunatic (she's lost her mind and we'd better have an intervention), I'm mostly okay with the waiting. I mean, I have a good--very blessed--life. I have wonderful friends and family. I have meaningful work and hobbies. I do my best to glorify God in whatever I do. The key here is the word mostly.  I do have days--sometimes weeks--in which I'm not really okay with the waiting.

I do understand that "the other side" is not a bed of roses and won't be the answer to all my problems. Life doesn't suddenly get better simply because of a relationship. In fact, it probably gets much more complicated. None of that still takes away that desire to share your life with someone who's closer than a roommate or good friend.

So I continue to wait on God's best for me. I wait for God's timing. And I pop the waiting Bible verses like tic-tacs after a spicy meal. Yes, I've got a list. And then I devour books like Cherie Hill's. In parting, I want to share a few of her thoughts on waiting:

"While you’re waiting, God wants you praying, 
drawing nearer to Him, and resting in the peace 
that He provides in the midst of a raging storm. 
As you wait, God strengthens you because you begin 
to realize that God IS at work . . . He’s growing 
your faith and He’s purifying your heart. And faith
is rarely grown with anything other than 
overwhelming circumstances, and typically not 
found in any place other than the 'waiting place.'"
~ Cherie Hill

"You can’t say that you’re praying for God’s will 
and trusting in His timing if you’re not willing 
to 'wait.'"  ~ Cherie Hill

This is a paraphrase of one of her thoughts: The waiting place is where God tests our faith. But, we can know that God will not leave us in that waiting place any longer than absolutely necessary to accomplish His purposes. 

" eye has seen a God like you,
    who works for those who wait for him!"
 Isaiah 64:4b

Just being real...


Kristi said...

Hi friend, thanks for being real. a long time ago I read a line in a Nancy Lee DeMoss book about Lies that Women Believe....and the one that has stuck with me is the one that says every longing of ours should be fulfilled this side of heaven....that's the lie. It helps me when I want something. And even when I want something for friends -- like marriage or children -- especially those things for those that have not experienced or have experienced great loss in those.....perhaps I should resurrect an old song that I wrote a long time ago about kathleen

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing the waiting verses. I am also a woman waiting and starting decade 4 of that. I have left the asking and hopefulness for that for more than a year, but feel the discontent returning. And I know I need to face it in a strong way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Kristi said...

Thanks for the comment, CurlyJ. When I have those moments (which sometimes last for days or weeks) of discontent, I find those are the best times to really be honest with God about my feelings and ask Him to show me how to keep going. Being weak with God, makes me stronger. Hang in there.