Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Since FAITH is my focus word for 2013, it would seem that the Lord is continually reminding me of this through scripture. The following scripture was one I leaned on a lot last year. This year has been no exception. It always seems that when I'm feeling discouraged, the Lord gives me "courage" verses. Verse 9 seems to pop up quite often in things I'm reading or listening to. So I will share it with you in this week's Wordy Wednesday (which I almost forgot because I've lost track of what day it is!!)

“Be strong and courageous, for you are the one who will lead these people to possess all the land I swore to their ancestors I would give them.  

Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the instructions Moses gave you. Do not deviate from them, turning either to the right or to the left. Then you will be successful in everything you do. 

Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. 

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:6-9

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