Monday, July 22, 2013


I try to make a point to write something meaningful on this blog at least once a week. Sometimes that goal becomes challenging when life gets busy. This past week has been no exception.

My day job kept me pretty busy last week. Then I took some time off to celebrate a milestone birthday. The celebration included a very, very fun karaoke party with people in attendance from infants to octogenarians and everyone in between! The music included a wide variety of styles and there were even a few costumes, too.

As an self-professed introvert, I really stepped out of my comfort zone to allow myself to become the absolute center of that much attention. Admittedly, I was emotionally and mentally exhausted when all was said and done. However, I came away from that party having learned a lot about myself and about friendships.

As I reflected over the weekend of celebrating, I was truly humbled by the number of people who took time out of their busy summer schedules to celebrate with me. Those who could not be in attendance were with me in spirit.

I have also learned in the past decade that even though most of the time I feel invisible, I really am not. People really do notice. I may linger in the background much of the time and not speak up as often as the extroverts, but when I do step up and speak out, people listen. It's actually quite frightening! (I mean that in a funny way.) A weird sudden hush comes over everything because, well--the mummy speaks! All eyes are suddenly on me. Ha.

Not only do people listen closely to what I say, they also observe how my life is lived. They notice what types of choices I make--how I act and react, what types of clothes I wear (modest or immodest), and who I choose to date or not date.

The funny thing is that it's easy to think that all these little choices I make in life are just that--little choices. These choices only affect me. Wrong. All these little choices add up to represent who I am to others.

At times I have often felt as if many people haven't seen the real me. They get to see the me that I allow them to see. Then when I feel comfortable enough around them, they get to see the other layers that I have reserved for my inner circle of family and friends. I suppose that's a self-protection mechanism because I wonder now why I want people to know that side of me, but I'm still afraid to show it. Hmmm. Perhaps it's a fear of rejection? (Okay, this is getting too heavy now.)

Moving on...

What I really was trying to get at was the blessing of friendships. Some of the friends who attended my party I've known 20-25 years. Others were newer friends. However, each friendship is a treasure. And it's interesting to me how God has woven our lives together like a tapestry. The threads overlap and intertwine--all different colors, textures, and sizes.

Had you asked me a few weeks ago how many friends I have, well...

I might have started with the number 175, which is the number of friends I have on Facebook. At least I can give you a concrete number because of social media. But, my circle of friends extends way beyond Facebook.

I also would have confessed that I only have a few really close friends. You know, those who I've let into my layers of craziness. However, after this party I may have let a few more people into that layer of silliness. LOL

Like this quote says, it really doesn't matter how many friends I have. Just knowing that I have one, ten, or a hundred friends that I can count on to be there for me is priceless.

I'm suddenly remembering that wonderful song by Michael W. Smith. "Friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them."

I had so much fun singing and playing with friends in just a few short hours this weekend. I cannot wait until we're all in heaven together singing and playing together for eternity. What a joy that will be!

To my friends: Thank you for the blessings you have been to me and allowing me to be part of your lives!

P.S. Maybe this was a meaningful blog after all!

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