Monday, July 9, 2012

God Speaking

Have you ever tried to get a child's attention when there are other things happening in the same room? The television, computer, telephone, a game, friends, snacks, all vie for their attention. You try to give the child instructions and if she acknowledges you at all, it may be half-hearted. Fifteen minutes later the child has already forgotten you came into the room to tell her anything. Yes, it's an age-old problem getting a child to listen.

Imagine how God feels when we act the same way. We're so busy with distractions in life that most of the time we don't even recognize His voice or that He's even present in the room with us. God doesn't need our attention, but He does want our attention. Sometimes He wants to give us instruction and other times God just wants us to be in His presence so that He can love on us.

I've been guilty of being that busy, distracted, and self-absorbed child. God swooped in and got my attention through a series of life-events and people. Since that time, I have learned to recognize my Father's voice and to carefully watch for Him. I'm not always successful, but I am still learning and God is a merciful Father--Praise the Lord.

I ran across this song by Mandisa called God Speaking. It's a very powerful song about the way God captures our attention. Give it a listen and then start listening for God to speak.


Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

Yes! I have come into a room and tried to give a distracted child happens often in my life. The Lord often uses these pictures to teach me about how I am or am not listening to Him.

Yes, thankfully He is merciful. May I be so with my own children -- faithfully teaching and loving them to listen for their is great benefit.

Laura said...

Great Post! Thanks for sharing that song too. I love the reminder that God wants our attention.

In Wonder said...

thank you for stopping by :). this is a beautiful song and post! happy day to you.