Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blessed Beyond Measure

Last night God orchestrated such a blessing in my life. I was able to attend the Toby Mac - Hits Deep Tour in Nashville. A friend texted me about four hours before the concert and said that they had an extra ticket--in a luxury box, no less. Did I want to come?

Absolutely!! It sounded like fun and I like a lot of Toby Mac's music. I had no idea who else was scheduled to sing and was surprised when I found out who else would be there. When I finally learned of the other artists in attendance, I was amazed! My friend didn't know that God has been using the music of these artists to minister to me this year. Seven of the songs performed at the concert by the various artists were already on my Favorites Play List! Some of my favorite songs performed were:
  • Stronger, Good Morning, and Shackles by Mandisa
  • Hold On and Me Without You by Toby Mac
  • He Said by Group 1 Crew
  • Center of It by Chris August
Toby Mac

Brandon Heath

Several times as I was enjoying the concert, I just marveled at how God brought all that together as a gift for me. I rarely attend concerts like this so it truly was a blessing to go and to hear so many of my favorite songs!

Thank you, Lord! {blowing kisses your way}

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